American Standard 8 inch x 5 inch Safe-T Heater

American Standard 8 inch x 5 inch Safe-T Heater by American Standard

by American Standard
At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Most American Standard Whirlpool tubs are pre-plumbed at the factory making them ready to accept the heater (check your model for compatibility)
  • Helps maintain a consistent water temperature for a longer soak
  • Equipped with a pre-set pressure switch so the pump must be running with water flowing in the Whirlpool to allow the heater to turn on
  • Includes an intelligent high-limit so that the safety circuit will not "false trip" from hot tap water; it will only turn the heater off if the thermostat fails
  • A separate 120-Volt AC/15 Amp dedicated circuit with GFCI protection must be installed for this heater

  • Item Description
    The American Standard Safe-T Heater is designed to work with most American Standard Whirlpool tubs. The heater helps maintain a consistent temperature in the tub, allowing for a long, relaxing soak.