Aim to Wash! Dual Nozzle Self Cleaning Bidet Attachment with Toilet Night Light

Aim to Wash! Dual Nozzle Self Cleaning Bidet Attachment with Toilet Night Light by Aim to Wash!

by Aim to Wash!
At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Dual nozzle, self cleaning bidet attachment
  • Dual LED night light with dual sensors for sound and light
  • Unique quick release button allows for easy removal of the unit for cleaning and adjusting
  • Stylish chrome plated knobs, slim control panel and esthetically pleasing
  • Made with ultra-durable unibody valve casing, ACS certified valves, UPC certified back flow prevention valve, UPC certified supply line hose - highest grade available
  • Extremely smooth knobs provide an ultra easy to use experience for the entire family
  • Cut down on toilet paper consumption by over 80%; simply use a small amount of TP to dry off after each use

  • Item Description
    The Aim to Wash! Chrome Series is the best quality Bidet Attachment we have ever built. We have incorporated many features based on the feedback we have received from our customers over the past 4 years. This is the only Bidet Attachment that has a Quick Release Mechanism, allowing you to easily remove the Bidet for cleaning, without having to uninstall the Seat. We have incorporated a Genius Toilet Night Feature that will activate in the absence of Light or in the Presence of Noise. It is Battery operated and does not require to be plugged in to operate. We have made this Bidet extremely Stylish, Sturdy and functional. Comes with Dual Nozzles with Self Cleaning Function. A nozzle dedicated to Rear Cleansing. The other dedicated for Female Frontal Cleansing. We have built this Bidet using the highest quality parts, Valves and Adaptors. We are the only Model in the market that uses Certified Parts for your assurance. The best Customer Service and Support in the industry is part of the deal.