JX Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets in White

 JX Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets in White by

At Home Depot
on 3-5-2018

Product Features
  • Endless warm water cleansing and a warm air dryer for maximum comfort
  • Heated seat, adjustable nozzles and an automatic LED nightlight for convenience
  • Slim design allows for installation on most residential toilets including some 1 piece toilets
  • Anti-microbial aluminum nozzle provides both front and rear cleansing
  • Nozzle automatically self cleans before and after each use for improved cleanliness
  • Tank less water heating system provides endless warm water for supreme comfort
  • Occupied seat sensor, ambient light sensor, and 2 power saving modes provide superior energy efficiency
  • Thermal water heater cut-off function prevents burns
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  • Item Description
    The Alpha JX was created to take the guesswork out of buying a bidet seat. It combines tankless water heating for endless warm water, an LED night light, a strong air dryer, and a sturdy sittable lid into a slim design that fits most 1 piece toilets. It's the most complete premium bidet seat on the market today. The Alpha JX is built around an energy efficient, tankless water heating system. This instant heater provide endless, on demand warm water with little to no startup lag. Beyond that, the JX is whisper quiet during operation no loud motor or pump noises.The Alpha JX also sets itself apart with smart design cues. Its slim, low profile body is made with a high grade, anti-microbial plastic that's vibration welded making it durable, and easy to clean. The lid is specially contoured and extra thick, making it safe to sit on with up to 300lbs.- Front and rear cleansing with soothing aerated stream- Unlimited warm water supply- Easy to use wireless remote control with wall mount- Warm air dryer with adjustable temp- Heated seat with adjustable temp- Adjustable nozzle position- Nozzle oscillation (wide cleansing)- Adjustable nozzle position, water temp, and spray pressure- Automatic LED nightlight - 2 power saving eco modes- Aluminum nozzle with anti-microbial coating- Self-cleaning nozzle system- Sturdy sittable lid- Slow closing seat and lid- 1 button wash and dry function- 1 button easy wash function (full pressure rear wash with oscillation).