Fluidmaster 2 inch Flush Valve Replacement Kit

Fluidmaster 2 inch Flush Valve Replacement Kit by

At Home Depot
on 8-9-2017

Product Features
  • Plastic, rubber and PVC material
  • Replaces worn flush valve, flapper/tank ball unit, tank-to-bowl bolts and gasket for most toilets with a 2 in. flush valve
  • Water saving universal adjust-a-flush flapper lets you customize flush volume to maximize performance and save water
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for added durability

  • Item Description
    The Fluidmaster Tank Flush Valve Kit has everything you need to replace the flush valve and flapper, solid brass tank-to-bowl bolts and tank-to-bowl gasket. Even customize your Gal. per flush. Corrosion and chlorine resistant materials used for long wear.