Fluidmaster Duo Flush System Toilet Converter

Fluidmaster Duo Flush System Toilet Converter by Fluidmaster

by Fluidmaster
At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Uses up to 45% less water
  • Easy install without removing the valve, and fully adjustable for a wide range of settings
  • Retrofits to any 2 in. flush valve toilet, fits most 1.6, or 3.5 gallon per flush models
  • Upgrade your noisy, slow filling and inefficient toilet systems
  • PerforMAX High Performance Fill Valve replacement included for 2x greater refill rate
  • Full and half flush, dual action toilet flush lever included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Complete fill & dual flush conversion system is designed to enhance your toilet’s performance

  • Item Description
    The Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 Duo Flush System Toilet Converter gives you a tool to help save on water use and water bills. A complete toilet fill and dual flush conversion kit that retrofits into any 2-Inch flush valve toilet. Instructions included for hassle free and easy installation, which doesnt require removing your toilet flush valve. Designed to be high performance and adjustable toilet repair kit suitable for most toilet models. The included PerforMAX fill valve regulates water flow and improves overall performance. Capable of both full and half flush, with a wide range of settings, this toilet flapper replacement features a durable build and an included 5-year warranty. Parts included: Dual Action Handle, PerforMAX Fill Valve, DUO Flush Valve, Refill Clip, Refill Tube, Shank Washer, Fill Valve Locknut, Angled Seat Adapter (optional), Dual Action Handle Locknut, Roller Clamp, and Hose Clamps. The Fluidmaster Dual Flush Conversion System, everything you need to maximize your toilets performance, while using up to 45% less water than the original tank parts.