Fluidmaster Fits-All 20 inch Faucet Connector

Fluidmaster Fits-All 20 inch Faucet Connector by Fluidmaster

by Fluidmaster
At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • This braided stainless steel FITS-ALL Faucet Connector resists kinks or creases
  • Easy to install, fit’s all popular shut off and faucet valve connections
  • 3/8 in. COMP, 7/16 in. COMP, 1/2 in. COMP, or 1/2 in. F.I.P. x 1/2 in. F.I.P.
  • 20 in. length
  • Heavy-duty nickel plated brass hex nuts are easy to grip and provide durability
  • Quickly replace your old copper or vinyl connectors
  • 5 year warranty
  • This Fluidmaster Faucet Supply Line is Lead Free, and meets all code requirements

  • Item Description
    This Fluidmaster Braided Stainless Steel 20 in. Faucet Connector is a strong and durable solution to upgrade your faucet supply line. Built to last this universal design fits all common faucet valve connections and all popular shut off valves. The high quality design is highlighted by, fast and easy installation, with excellent flexibility, easy to grip heavy duty nickel plated brass hex nuts, and a 5 year warranty. The included size adaptors ensure this water supply line fits 3/8 in. Compression, 7/16 in. Compression, 1/2 in. Compression, or 1/2 in. F.I.P. x 1/2 in. F.I.P. connections. Replace your old, or leaky connectors with a durability that wont kink or crease even in tight install spaces. The Fluidmaster FITS-ALL Faucet Supply Line is lead free and meets all code requirements.