BRIGGS Dual Flush Valve Toilet Tank Handle in Chrome

BRIGGS Dual Flush Valve Toilet Tank Handle in Chrome by BRIGGS

At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Handle assembly has been proven to fit the dual flush valve for the Vortens toilet tank model #V221
  • Handle assembly has also been proven to fit other dual flush valves that use a side or front mount dual flush lever handle such as the Pegasus model toilets
  • Handle assembly is made to fit the BRIGGS conserver model toilet tank model 4488
  • Lever handle is finished in chrome and is delivered complete with dual flush assembly cable
  • Cable is 9 in. L
  • Handle attaches to 2.5 in. cable assembly with provided spuds

  • Item Description
    Now you can repair your Economy Brand Dual Flush Toilets such as Pegasus and Vortens brand toilets easily and economically with the JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS replacement Dual Flush Valve Toilet Handle assembly. This Handle has been tested to fit dual flush valves such as the Vortens part model V221. JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS brings on line Customers the best in replacement and repair plumbing parts. JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS is an expert in the sourcing and manufacture of quality non-OEM repair parts for home repairs. We locate and make available the highest quality hard to find and unique repair parts in North America.