Mayfair Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Mayfair Elongated Toilet Seat, White by Bemis

by Bemis
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on 8-31-2018

Product Features
  • Easy clean and change hinge
  • Sta-Tite seat fastening system
  • Prevents pinched fingers

  • Item Description

    Mayfair Elongated Toilet Seat:
    • Hinge is easy to clean and change
    • Sta-Tite seat fastening system
    • Prevents pinched fingers
    • Resilient plastic white toilet seat
    • Molded-in color resists wear, chips and stains
    • Color-matched bumpers and hinges
    • Fits all manufacturers' elongated bowls
    • Made with environmentally friendly materials and processes
    • White color makes it easy to match with your bathroom interiors
    • Special fastener ensures it stays firmly attached and will not shift around

    What buyers are saying
    This seat was exactly what I was looking for with quick release knobs for easy removal and cleaning. It features a slow silent close., perfect. However, after about one year a plastic plug came from the left lid axle. This caused the seat to slam closed. Luckily the plug did not go into toilet. So, I placed lug back into axle and hammered it back into place, carefully so not damage toilet. The seat closed slowly again. The plug has come out twice since and I have hammered and glued once to no avail. Now, the seat fastener on one side keeps popping loose. I'll have to purchase another brand seat before one of us ends in the floor. I give up. Pretty expensive for only a year.