Sloan 111-XL Regal 1.6 GPF Closet Flush Valve

Sloan 111-XL Regal 1.6 GPF Closet Flush Valve by Sloan

by Sloan
At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Made of durable chrome plated brass
  • Low consumption (1.6 GPF/6.0 LPF)
  • ADA compliant metal oscillating non-hold-open handle
  • Adjustable tailpiece

  • Item Description
    Regal 111-XL Flushometers provide water savings while maintaining performance advantages. Features such as an accurate flush delivery system, quiet performance and durable components add to the economics of the Regal 111- XL. Low Consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo Technology. Water conservation is aided by the ADA-compliant, non-hold-open handle, which prevents toilet from exceeding intended flush volume. Durability is facilitated with high copper, low zinc brass castings for dezincification resistance.