American Standard Champion 4 Flush Valve Seal Kit

American Standard Champion 4 Flush Valve Seal Kit by American Standard

by American Standard
At Home Depot
on 3-15-2018

Product Features
  • To be used with the American Standard champion toilet flush valve
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable performance

  • Item Description
    Meet the Champion 4, the undisputed leader in high performance toilets. With the industries widest 2-3/8 in. trap-way and 4 in. flush valve, it created a plunger free world for homeowners and virtually eliminated clogged toilet call backs for plumbers. The Champion will move a mass 70% larger than the industry standard. It achieves the highest bulk removal rating of 1,000 grams and will even flush a bucket of golf balls. Which means you can flush with confidence and never worry about plunging a toilet again.