Danco HydroSeat Toilet Flange Repair

Danco HydroSeat Toilet Flange Repair by DANCO

At Home Depot
on 3-23-2018

Product Features
  • Fixes a wobbly or leaking toilet
  • Repairs a damaged or broken closet flange
  • Seals out sewer gas
  • Rubber funnel contours to fit any toilet or closet flange
  • Kit includes 1-HydroSeat with rubber funnel, 4-1/2 in. steel screws, and 2-stainless steel washers and nuts
  • Durable power-coated steel construction
  • Allows for multiple resets

  • Item Description
    The HydroSeat offers an easy, one-piece installation that fixes wobbly or leaking toilets, and broken or damaged flanges. Installed together with a wax ring, the HydroSeat technology ensures a tight, leak-free seal and features a self-centering rubber funnel that fits any toilet or closet flange. Installation is simple and the debris cover helps to prevent sewer gas from escaping and debris from entering the pipe while the toilet is removed. Stainless steel bolts are locked into steel at factory set height to prevent movement.