Toto Clayton Tile-in Air Bath 60" x 32" ABR782

Toto Clayton Tile-in Air Bath 60" x 32" ABR782 by Toto

by Toto
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At Modern Bathroom (.com)
on 8-9-2017

Item Description

The TOTO® Clayton™ Tile-In Air Bathtub goes a step further by including the solid brass grab bar and 12 individual air jets, standard. The individualized check valve system allows the bather to use soaps, bath oils, salts and other bathing essentials without harming the performance of the air system.

ALL Clayton™ Bathtubs Features & Specs

  • Luxuriously deep bathing well
  • Cast-acrylic construction provides years of durability
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • 3 side molded integral flange tub standard*
  • One Year Limited Warranty on acrylic tub, One Year Limited Warranty on components and parts
  • Optional solid brass grab bar with various finishes
  • 1 hp ultra-quiet blower
  • 300 watt heated air injection system
  • Final purge/drying cycle to clean each air jet
  • Multi functional keypad - Normal Mode: Fully adjustable massage level for just the right amount of comfort. Pulsating Mode: Powerful, penetrating massage. Oscillation Mode: Wave-like, soothing massage.
  • Available in keypad left/blower right (ABR782L) and keypad right/blower left (ABR782R) configuration
  • LED Lighting

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*Please Call Us for special order of Molded integral flange options available in 0, 1, or 2 flange